Meningitis B Vaccine Update – June 2016

We can now purchase Bexsero, Meningitis B, vaccine again. We very much appreciate your patience whilst you have been waiting for this news.

We shall be purchasing the vaccine stock in batches, at £135.00 each so, if you still wish to have your child(ren) vaccinated, please telephone The Hove Clinic (01273 733830). You will be asked for your child’s name and date of birth, a telephone contact number and £135.00 in payment to secure the first dose of vaccine.

When you order the vaccine from us please book your vaccination appointment for at least a week later due to the delay involved in delivery. Please also be aware that there will be a £50 doctor’s appointment charge that will need to be paid when the vaccine is administered.

Please click here for the immunisation schedule. For more information go to our ‘Vaccinations’ page.

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